September 2018

Baromètre de la valeur shopper

For retailers, are their brand images, expectations and experiences perceived by their current and future customers as clear-cut as their business strategies and sale targets?

Baromètre de
la Valeur Shopper

Le Baromètre de la Valeur Shopper studies and analyses the quality of the relationship between retailer and consumer based on the study of 11 consumer expectations. The intention is not to measure the customer’s satisfaction, but to differentiate the retailers. We provide not only data but also analysis and presentations to make it simple and easy to understand.

The 3rd Italian edition of Baromètre will be held in September 2018: interviews with over 5.000 representative Italian consumers covering 150 retailers in 8 different sectors.

Retail Out of the Box

Altavia Lab, a young and talented team with diverse backgrounds and skills, is the strategic department of Altavia Italy dedicated to explore and study the retail scenery across new consumer trends, innovations and omnichannel evolutions of the shopping journey. Along with research and analysis tasks, AltaviaLab develops and tests innovative retail concepts with Altavia's clients and local partners..


Paolo Mamo

Born in Milan in 1957, Paolo Mamo studied Philosophy at the University of Milan. During his university studies, driven by his keen interest in politics and social movements, he founded an organisation dedicated to socio-pedagogical projects, under the supervision of the university’s Pedagogical Institute. Paolo started his professional career in the commercial office of F.G.F. , a printing company, moving on to become the company’s CEO. He then began his business career in the field of communication by taking over P.S.O., a small below-the-line communication Agency. In 1996 he met Raphael Palti (current president of the Altavia Group) and decided to join the Group. Altavia Italia was founded in 1997 and Paolo became president and CEO. Paolo Mamo currently lives in Milan but over the years he has also lived in Padua, Genoa and Bologna. He is married with three children.

Cristina Lazzati

Director of Gdoweek and Mark-up, Cristina has been working in retail and marketing for more than 15 years. As the director of the master Consumer & Retail, she also holds classes of retail branding in Polidesign, organises and participates actively in seminars and on TV and radio broadcasts. Before joining Gdoweek, she has worked with Elle Italy, L’Espresso and Italia Oggi. Graduated from Bocconi, she pursued her master degree in Social Research in New York, where she has lived for 10 years. She loves changes and lives life to the utmost.

Anna Casani

Born in La Spezia in 1984, Anna Casani studied Economics and took her specialisation in Marketing Management at Bocconi University. After her university studies, she began her professional career in the U.S. working in the field of Yacht financing in the marketing division of Société Generale. She then moved to Paris and changed to the consumer credit sector of the same company, working on the branches’ commercial policies. She returned to Italy after her acquaintance with Altavia Italy. Initially involved in the commercial development area, she moved on to take charge of the Marketing division and Altavia Lab.


The 3rd Italian edition of "Baromètre de la Valeur Shopper" will be held in September 2018, at Altavia Italia’s offices in Milan. The building, which used to be a rice mill until the 1930s, has now been expanded and reconverted and boasts a pleasant courtyard and multi-functional conference rooms.

The new edition of Baromètre consists of a series of workshops. For the first time, participants will be involved in interpreting research results: an exclusive opportunity for small groups of professional people from different fields to take part in an in-depth study, sharing their comments and thoughts from different points of view.